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ERME funded projects are completed over an 18-month period (starting in April and concluding in September of the following year). Each project that is funded by the ERME program has its final report published on the ERME website. The completed project profiles provide an overview of the project, summary of participants, program impacts, and materials used to deliver the outreach program. You use a menu driven system to search projects by specific years, regions, states, audience group and/or risk management education topic by using the link below:


Funded Project Spotlight

January 2023


2023 January Funded Project Spotlight

Led by Project Director Courtney Bir with Oklahoma State University, 

this 2022 funded project is dedicated to helping beekeepers manage risks.  


Although the target audience are Oklahoma residents who are beekeepers or interested in beekeeping, the online course and materials produced through this project will be publicly available outside of Oklahoma.  


Information surrounding bee keeping is not centrally located, and it can be difficult for producers to learn about best practices. Project leaders hope that producers will be able to mitigate price or market risk by having a better understanding of their marketing options for honey and other bee products including how to sell direct to consumers.  Additionally, many bee producers do not understand their options as livestock producers, and that there are government programs including  ELAP to help mitigate financial and productions risks due to natural disasters. This project also seeks to educate beekeepers about these opportunities.  


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