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SRMEC is excited to partner with the Southern Extension Economics Committee to provide resources to help farmers and ranchers manage their operations during these difficult times resulting from COVID-19. The collaboration represents Southern region Land-Grant University extension faculty, primarily members of agricultural economics departments across the region.

The collection of presentations seeks to provide agricultural sector management resources, analysis and strategic insights to aid decision making of America’s farmers and ranchers. If you have questions, feel free to contact the authors or the Center.

Agricultural Policy and Outlook

Ag Policy & Market Outlook Forum

Presentation Transcript

Recorded- April 2, 2020

Faculty & Researchers from Virginia Tech Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics

Charlotte Emlinger, Ph.D

John Bovay, Ph.D

Olga Isengildina-Massa, Ph.D.

Patrick Kayser, M.S.

Ford Ramsey, Ph.D


Federal Covid-19 Assistance and Labor (H2A)

COVID-19 Related Legislation: Labor, Family 1st Act, CARES Act

PDF of Presentation Slides 

Recorded- April 17, 2020

Adam J. Kantrovich- Clemson University Extension

Derek Farnsworth- University of Florida

J.C. Hobbs- Oklahoma State University


Food Safety

Expanding Food Safety Protocols in an Evolving Landscape of COVID-19 Series

Recorded- April 9, 2020

Virginia Cooperative Extension Specialists

Melissa Chase

Joell Eifert

Laura Strawn

Rob Williams

Amber Vallotton



Input Considerations for Cattle Producers 

Recorded- April 9, 2020

William Kelley- Alabama Cooperative Extension System

Max Runge- Alabama Cooperative Extension System


Management Considerations for Cattle Producers in a Volatile Environment Pt.1

Recorded- April 3, 2020

Charley Martinez-The University of Tennessee Extension

Kenny Burdine-University of Kentucky Extension 


Management Considerations for Cattle Producers in a Volatile Environment Pt. 2

Recorded- April 3, 2020

Charley Martinez-The University of Tennessee Extension

Kenny Burdine-University of Kentucky Extension


Managing Finances and Forages in the Cattle Industry during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

PDF of Presentation Slides

Recorded- March 30, 2020

Dr. John Anderson- University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture


Forage and Hay Considerations

PDF of Presentation Slides

Recorded- March 27, 2020

Chris Prevatt- University of Florida / Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Andrew Griffith- University of Tennessee Extension 


Cattle Markets and COVID-19 

Recorded-March 27, 2020

Josh Maples- Mississippi State University Extension

Derrell Peel- Oklahoma State University



Marketing and Risk Management Programs for U.S. Cotton Producers

PDF of Presentation Slides

Recorded- May 4, 2020

Yangxuan Liu- University of Georgia

John Robinson- Texas A&M University


Market Ready: Farm to eCommerce Webinar

Recorded- April 1, 2020

Dr. Kim Morgan- Virginia Tech & Virginia Cooperative Extension

Caitlin Miller- Virginia Department of Agriculture And Consumer Services

French Price- Virginia Cooperative Extension

Dr. Katie Hoffman- Center for Rural Culture

Margaret Hutcheson- Madison Farmers Market

Matt Coyle- Piedmont Environmental Council

Sam Lev- LEAP for Local Food