rice being harvested


The Agricultural Finance, Tax and Asset Protection (AgFTAP) education program seeks to enhance farmer and rancher ability to understand and navigate the farm business tax and asset protection decisions for their operations, as well as the important relationships between federal income taxes and USDA farm programs. This mission, supported by USDA, is carried out through an online portal of educational trainings and resources.

Trainings focus on ag tax issues such as filing complete and accurate tax returns; business planning strategies; and asset protection such as managing future tax liabilities associated with debt-financed construction and loan servicing assistance.

AgFTAP leverages partnerships with 1862, 1890 and Hispanic Serving Land-Grant institutions to manage a national network of educators seeking to educate farmers and ranchers across the country. Program seeks to identify a program contact in every state and territory of U.S. To learn more visit the AgFTAP portal.